Culture Collections Information Worldwide is a database management system for culture collections in the world. It includes CCINFO and STRAIN. CCINFO is a world directory of all registered culture collections. The database STRAIN includes list of holdings from registered culture collections.
World Directory Of Culture Collections(Sixth Version, 2014)
  • Culture Collections: 802
  • Countries and Regions: 78
  • Microorganisms: 3,272,734
    • Bacteria: 1,429,816
    • Fungi: 872,094
    • Virus: 39,491
    • Cell Line: 33,020
CREA-CMVE(Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics- Microbial Culture Collection of Oenological and Viticultural Environment) updated their information in the CCINFO database.
CCMO/SE(culture collection of microorganisms from sergipe in brazil) was added to the CCINFO database.
NCCB(NCCB, the Netherlands Culture Collection of Bacteria (formerly LMD and Phabagen Collection)) updated their information in the CCINFO database.