Culture Collections Information Worldwide is a database management system for culture collections in the world. It includes CCINFO and STRAIN. CCINFO is a world directory of all registered culture collections. The database STRAIN includes list of holdings from registered culture collections.
World Directory Of Culture Collections(Sixth Version, 2014)
  • Culture Collections: 684
  • Countries and Regions: 71
  • Microorganisms: 2,462,100
    • Bacteria: 1,045,202
    • Fungi: 725,517
    • Virus: 37,922
    • Cell Line: 31,730
LEGE(Blue Biotechnology and Ecotoxicology Culture Collection) was added to the CCINFO database.
CRC-PUMC(cell resource center) was added to the CCINFO database.
JMCC(Junlebao Microbiological Culture Collection Center) was added to the CCINFO database.