1. Collection
Registered Number 810
Acronym ZIM
Full Name ZIM Collection of Industrial Microorganisms
Institution University of Ljubljana
2. Correspondent
Correspondent Dr. Neža Čadež
Postal Address Jamnikarjeva 101,Ljubljana,SI,1000
Country Slovenia
Telephone 1 (386) 1-320-37-50
Fax 1 (386) 1-257-40-92
E-mail 1 neza.cadez@bf.uni-lj.si
Homepage http://www.bf.uni-lj.si/zivilstvo/o-oddelku/katedre/za-biotehnologijo-mikrobiologijo-in-varnost-zivi 
3. Status of the collection
Status University
5. Personnel
Director Dr. Neža Čadež
Curator Dr. Neza Cadez (curator)
7. Preservation
Method and category of cultures Liquid N2(yeasts and acetic-acid bacteria)
Freezer(yeasts and filamentous fungi)
Control of the culture Sequencing of D1/D2 and ITS
Physiological tests
Deposit ATCC(USA)
Source(s) of strains for people in this country: isolated by or introduced from
From the collections in our country
the collection abroadATCC(USA)
the collection abroadDSMZ(Germany)
the collection abroadCBS(The Netherlands)
Number of Strains until now Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Bacteria 103 66
Fungi 77 7
Yeasts 2312 1765 9 4
Number of strains last year Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Microbes distributed
(total number)/(in your country)
Bacteria 97 0
Fungi 7 7
Yeasts 116 105 2 2
8. Availability of Cultures
Availability free to Researches from University of Ljubljana
fee for EUR 51,00
9. Catalogue
Catalogue Publish own catalogue
Included in a regional catalogue Katalog biokultur
Published the first catalogue in 1995 year(s)
Planning to publish the 2 edition in 2002
Need help to publish
Online Catalogue http://www.bf.uni-lj.si/zt/bioteh/katedra/collection.htm
10. Services
Services Storage service(Yeast, bacetria, filamentous fungi)
Distribution(Yeast, bacetria, filamentous fungi)
11. Entry and Update Dates
Date of Entry 2001-03-30
Date of Reply 2015-02-03
12. Strains