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Protect celebrates 30 years of microorganism preservation

Protect Microorganism Preservation System has recently celebrated its 30th birthday. Developed in 1981 by Technical Service Consultants Limited, the original low temperature bead storage system is ideal for long term maintenance of stock and quality control microorganisms.

Protects colour coded cap, beads and slimline vial provides 20 subcultures, dramatically reducing the cost per test versus other techniques. Using TSC’s customised accessories simplifies the process even further, providing a reliable long term cryopreservation method for a wide range of standard and fastidious microorganisms.

Preserving in Protect also sustains the exact strain, permitting consistent results every time. The specially designed cryopreservative solution prevents damage whilst frozen. Available in Red, Blue, White, Green and Yellow

Protect Select offers the end user a specialised range, created to optimise recovery without extra workload.
Protect Select Anaerobe improves viability and performance with problematic microorganisms.
Protect Select Dairy is based on BSI/ISO formulation and recommendations and is for the dedicated storage of microorganisms isolated from milk and dairy products.
Protect Select Yeast and Mould offers easier suspension of fungal spores with spore
grab formulation and is suitable for preservation of yeast cells.
Protect Select Meat Free provides the biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector with a guaranteed BSE/TSE (Bovine/Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) free alternative.

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