Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board

August 28, 1996, Veldhoven, Netherlands

Minute 1. Call to order. A meeting of the newly elected Executive Board (EB) of the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) was called to order at 6.00 pm, on 28 August 1996 during the Eighth International Congress of Culture Collections (ICCC-VIII) (Theme: Culture Collection to Improve the Quality of Life) at the Koningshof Congress Centre, Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

Minute 2. Record of attendance. Present were the President Dr. V. Canhos (Brazil), the Vice-President Dr. D. Fritze (Germany) and the following elected board members: Dr. A. Doyle (UK), Dr. M. Takeuchi (Japan), Dr. K. Kersters (Belgium), Dr. D-K Song (China) and the ex-officio members Dr. L. Sly (Australia), past President and Dr. H. Sugawara (Japan), WDCM director. Dr. K. Kurtzman (USA) and Mrs. L. Blaine (USA) were unable to attend to the meeting. At the meeting the newly elected Executive Board requested Dr. D. van der Mei (The Netherlands) to continue to act as WFCC Treasurer and Dr. A. Doyle to act as WFCC Secretary. In order to ensure regional representat ivity within the Federation Dr. I. V. Ivshina (Russia), Dr. S. Saono (Indon esia) and Dr. J. L. Staphorst (Republic of South Africa) were indicated to the new WFCC Executive Board.

Minute 3. Committees. The composition of the newly agreed upon committees  is as follows:

  • World Data Centre on Microorganisms Committee: Dr. L. Sly (chair) Dr. Y. Benno, Dr. L. Blaine, Dr. V. Canhos, Dr. L. Kalakoulskii, Dr. J. Ma, Dr. D. Smith, Dr. J. L. Staphorst, Dr. G. Stegehuis and Dr. J. Tiedje, plus contact mambers at International Scientific Organizations.
  • Postal, Quarantine and Safety Regulations Committee: Dr. D. Smith (chair) Dr. C. Bizet, Dr. I. Gandjar, Dr. N. H. Jones, Dr. C. Knesel, Dr. H. Kaku, Dr. P. Packer, Dr. J. Rodrigues Neto, Dr. C. Rohde, Dr. L. Sigler and Dr. J. M. Young.
  • Endangered Collections Committee: Dr. M. L. Suihko (chair) Dr. Y. Benno, Dr. P. Green, Dr. N. H. Jones, Dr. E. Kuptsova, Dr. P. Pienta, Dr. J. Stalpers and Dr. B. Tindall.
  • Patents Committee: Dr. D. Fritze (chair) curator of IDA recognized under the Budapest Treaty plus regional correspondents.

Minute 4. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Minute 5. Meeting reconvened on 29 August 1996 at 8:00 am.

Minute 6. Committees

  • Biodiversity Committee: Ms. B. Kirsop (chair) Dr. C. Babcock, Dr. P. Desmeth, Dr. J. H. Cevera, Dr. D. K. Song, Dr. J. L. Staphorst and Dr. I. Watanabe.
  • Publications and Publicity Committee: Dr. R. Samson (chair) Dr. D. Klaus (Newsletter editor) and Dr. K. A. Malik (Technical Information Sheets editor)
  • Education and Capacity Building Committee: Dr. N. Gunde-Cimmerman (chair) Dr. V. Arunpairojana, Dr. C. E. Babcock, Dr. R. Camacho, Dr. R. A. Humber, Dr. G. P. Manfio, Dr. I. S. Martins, Dr. S. M. Mpepereki, Dr. E. Pretorius, Dr. M. Samsonova, Dr. K. I. Suzuki and Dr. A. Ventosa.

Minute 7. Resolutions. The following resolutions were prepared and adopted:

(to be included soon)

Minute 8. General Business.

Skerman Prize. The board agreed that the rules for the selection of candidates to the Skerman prize should be revised, especially the applicants age limit. Dr. L. Sly asked to review the rules and Dr. K. Kersters was requested to chair of Skerman Prize Nominations Committee.

Revision of Guidelines/Standards. The board discussed the need to revise the "Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of Collections of Cultures of Microorganisms" and the definition of voluntary standards for quality in Culture Collections. It was decided that this should be done on an ad-hoc basis and that Dr. D. Hawksworth and Dr. R. Cypess should be requested to coordinate the process.

Statutes Revision. Dr. L. Sly and Dr. D. Fritze were asked to make the revision of the WFCC statutes as recommended by the previous Executive Board. Revision of by-law items, such as fees, should be acted by the Board and should be approved at a laterdate by the General Assembly. The proposed revision for the statutes should be published in the WFCC Newsletter.

WFCC Business Plan. The board discussed the need for a budget plan for the term 1996-2000. Dr. D. van der Mei was requested to prepare a plan of expenditures related to the WFCC core activities, such as publications, organization of meetings and Secretariat expenses.

Technical Information Sheets (TIS). Dr. Fritze stated that the technical information sheets published by WFCC are a valuable contribution to third world laboratories and should be continued and updated. About 500 have been requested in the last few years. Dr. Canhos suggested that they are made available via the WDCM server. This should be coordinated by the Publications and Publicity Committee and Dr. Fritze could provide guidance to Dr. Malik of DSM, the TIS editor.

Minute 9. Future Meetings. ICCC-9 will be held in Brisbane, Australia, 23-28 July 2000. Dr. L. Sly will be the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee. A programme committee will be established and will include the organizers of ICCC-8, Dr. R. Samson and Dr. D. van der Mei. The venue for the next WFCC-EB meeting will be the 8th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, 9-14 August 1998, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Minute 10. Close of Meeting. The meeting was closed at 9:30 am.